Age: 64

Born: February 29th 1948, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Married, with issue

Living in: Overveen, Netherlands

Graduated at: University of Leiden,

B.Sc. Geology & Mineralogy, M.Sc. Geology and Geophysics


2012 – presentIndependent Consultant (GeoScience Services International)

2001 – 2012Independent Consultant (J&M GeoScience Services)

1995 – 2001Independent Consultant (Keasberry’s Consulting)

1994 – 1995Sabbatical Leave (Environmental Studies )

1992 – 1994Independent Consultant (Keasberry’s Consulting)

1985 – 1992Manager Exploration & New Ventures (Nedlloyd Energy)

1983 – 1985Independent Consultant (Pisces Exploration Consultants Ltd)

1981 – 1983Senior Geoscientist (McKinlay Smith International Consultants Ltd)

1979 – 1981Geoscientist (Placid International Oil Ltd)

1977 – 1979Research Assistant Geoscience (University of Leiden)

1975 – 1977Geoscientist (United Nations, UNOTC)


  1. Asset, acreage, field and prospect evaluation for clients and (as employee) for oil companies.

  2. Analysis and interpretation of seismic data.

  3. Seismic acquisition and QC of same and QC of processing of seismic data.

  4. Well site geological data acquisition and QC of same. Analysis and interpretation of geological data.

  5. Well log interpretation and correlation.

  6. Design and direct multidisciplinary (subsurface) courses with the focus on integration of the subsurface disciplines (Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Well Engineering and Production Technology, e.g. Shell’s G180).


  1. GeoScience Services International Asset evaluation and delivery of training modules, courses (EPTS, Schlumberger, Petroskills, Fugro-Robertson, PetroSync and Bauerberg-Klein).

  2. J&M GeoScience Services Asset evaluation and delivery of training modules, courses (Shell, Schlumberger, Petroskills and Fugro-Robertson).

  3. Shell Internationale Exploration & Production BV. Principal responsibilities were designing of subsurface relevant courses and delivery with discipline lecturing in other courses (G180, EP00, P264, W100, W200 and recently M114). Research and Development.

  4. Keasberry’s Consulting Shallow and deep seismic interpretation, asset and acreage evaluation, developing data and data-base management systems (Geocom and Datapak).

  5. Nedlloyd Energy Responsibilities included development and implementation of Nedlloyd’s business-plan and exploration strategy. Maintenance of the exploration portfolio. Technical and economic evaluation of business proposals, farm-ins and joint ventures. Evaluation of relevant proposals and reports by operators/partners. Preparation and review of work programs and budgets. Recommendations and advice to management. Supervision of a group of professional staff. Maintain industrial and governmental contacts at executive level. Nedlloyd was active in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Egypt, Ecuador and the US and was previously active in Indonesia, Madagascar and Kenya.  Nedlloyd Energy was eventually acquired by DSM-State Mines.

  6. Unocal During my tenure with Nedlloyd Energy occasional secondment to Unocal’s Exploration Dept.

  7. Statoil Responsibilities included the evaluation of North Sea acreage for the UK 9th Licensing Round.

  8. Oranje Nassau BV Responsibilities included the evaluation of North Sea acreage for asset take-overs.

  9. Pisces Exploration Consultants Ltd As the principal of the limited company my responsibilities were analyses and interpretation of geological and logging data, seismic data and providing advice and recommendations of same to the industry. Projects were carried out in the UK, Netherlands and Norway for both operators and non-operators and included interpretation and evaluation of acreage and business opportunities in the UK SW Approaches, Netherlands 5th Round, UK 9th Round and Turkey.

  10. Santa Fe Responsibilities included evaluation of Licensing Round acreage and seismic interpretation of same.

  11. Barrick Petroleum Responsibilities included mainly asset and acreage evaluation for farm-ins and asset take-overs in the US and Canada and recommendations of same to executive management.

  12. McKinlay Smith International Consultants Ltd Responsibilities included: analysis and technical evaluation of business opportunities and data in the US, Alaska, Canada, Middle East and Africa and recommendations to executive management of same. Representation and marketing of the company and its services in the UK and the Netherlands. Supervision of a small team of professionals.

  13. Placid International Oil Ltd Responsibilities included: Analysis and evaluation of operations data, i.e. well site geological and logging data, acquisition and processing of marine seismic data and participation in Technical Committees. Projects included: Block and field evaluations of both Dutch and UK sector of the North Sea, UK 6th Round and 7th Round evaluation.

  14. United Nations UNOTC Posted in Ethiopia responsibilities included: organization and supervision of geological/geophysical surveys to evaluate the hydrological potential, i.e. the mineral and hydrocarbon potential and occurrence of groundwater. Supervision and training of local field teams. Lecture courses for undergraduates at the University of Addis Ababa. Extensive reporting of the above to management, the Ethiopian Government and UNOTC head office.


2011 – present       GeoScience Services International

                                      Continued from J&M GeoScience Services

2005 – 2011    J&M GeoScience Services

    Courses delivered: Wellsite Geology (for Fugro Robertson and NeXT), Operations

    Geology (for PetroSkills), both one week courses. Exploration and Appraisal Workshop (for

    Kuwait Petroleum Company, Planning and Development Workshop (for KPC) and

    Production and Maintenance (also for KPC), all three 6-week workshops. P&D Workshop

    for PetroVietnam (5-week workshop).

    Lectures delivered: Wellsite Geology, Operations Geology, Petroleum Geology, Petroleum    

    Engineering (Petrophysics and basic Reservoir Engineering), Well Engineering (basic) and

    Production Technology (basic).

1997 – 2005   Shell Learning Centre

    Courses delivered: Introducing the E&P business (EP00), Subsurface integration G180),    

    both 5-week courses.

    Lectures delivered: Wellsite geology, Petroleum Geology and Field Courses on Well    

    Engineering (W100), Advanced Well Engineering (W200), Production Technology (P264).

1975 - 1977University of Addis Ababa 

Courses delivered: Operations Geology & Geophysics and Field Procedures (B.Sc. Curriculum).

1974 – 1975 University of Leiden

Courses delivered: Applied Geophysics (M.Sc. Curriculum).

1973 - 1974University of Amsterdam

Courses delivered: Applied Geophysics and Field Procedures (M.Sc. Curriculum).


2000DDI, Facilitator Learning Systems Course (Certificate).

1998Shell, Train the Trainer Course (Certificate).

1996GeoCom, Hydrographical and Geotechnical Surveying Course.

1994 – 1995University of Leiden, Environmental Studies (M.Sc. Curriculum Certificate).

1995Technical University Delft, (TNO), Regional Geohydrological Information Systems Course (Certificate).

1991DCA, Petroleum Exploration and Development Economics Course (Certificate).

1987PetroConsultants Ltd, Oil Economics & Risks Course (Certficate).

1983Schlumberger Inc. Slim Hole Logging Tools – Acquisition & Interpretation Course (Certificate).

1980IHRDC, Seismic Processing Course (Certificate).

1980Geosource/Petty Ray, Seismic Acquisition & Processing Course.


Landmark Geographix Explorer, Landmark Seisworks, functionality-design of several geotechnical software applications, Surfer and  Strater.


Dutch and English: native in speech, reading and writing

German: fluent in speech and reading

French: reasonable in speech and reading

Spanish: rusty


Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG), Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB), Petroleum Geological Society (PGK), Geological Society of Leiden (LG